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Team Rivera, one of the leading realtors in New York has impressive expertise in real estate and NY property sales. Every member of the team has unique qualities to help get the most from your buying or selling real estate experience. All staff is licensed real estate salespersons, and many have the quality including being bilingual, resulting in clear communication at all times!

At first contact, you will be matched with an advisor who will work solely on your individual needs. With extensive background knowledge of many areas within New York, our team is well equipt to help find your dream home. We take pride in ensuring every request is met to an extremely high standard.

Team Rivera is also a Certified Probate Real Estate Agent in NY who can help with any of your probate questions, making us one of the leading real estate professionals in New York. We use all the latest marketing tools to expose your property to the largest market, including Zillow, Trulia, and Keller Williams. This opens up many more views by a wider audience.

Our goal here at Team Rivera is to build memorable experiences and building relationships to last a lifetime.

Team Rivera at Keller Williams are a team of professionals that are dedicated solely to helping you. If you can't find the property you are looking for or wish to list your property for sale above, don’t hesitate to contact us today!