Sell Your NY Home Before the Holiday Season 2022

As the winter season begins to take hold of New York, it’s the time of year we start planning our holidays. Not to mention planning everything we want to accomplish before the year is over. A key decision we contemplate is often whether we want to move home before the end of the year.

When the location, size, or overall style of your current no longer meets your needs, winter can be the perfect time of year to prioritise your home goals. To many people, 2022’s cooling housing market has been a cause for concern. Consequently, many have avoided moving in the hope that the market will pick up.

At Team Rivera, we know the New York housing market like no other. Our experts have put together three reasons to help you decide if you should sell your NY home before 2022’s holiday season.

Why You Should Consider Selling in the Holidays

Reason 1: To stay one step ahead of the other local sellers

After following recent trends, we can safely say that homeowners are typically less likely to list their properties in the end of the year. As the holiday season starts to take hold, many of us deprioritize moving house until the new year. Our schedules fill up with meetings, gift buying, decorating, parties, and visiting our loved ones. So, many people put off selling their home until their social calendar calms down.

This can be one of the best times to sell your NY home! With the drop in the housing market, your property can really shine out from its competitors. Get ahead of your competition and speak to Team Rivera about getting your home on the market today!

Reason 2: You can get infront of the serious buyers

Serious buyers will still be looking to purchase property throughout the wintertime. Even though the housing supply has gradually increased this year, as the buyer demand has mellowed out, it is still low overall. This, unfortunately, means that there are not enough houses on the market, even in New York.

This is having a big knock-on effect, as the millennial generation are reaching their peak home-buying years. Competition is fierce for first-time buyers. Wintertime could be the perfect time for sellers to get ahead of the serious local buyers to sell your NY home before the year ends. Your chances of attaining a profitable price for your property is also increased as many will want to move as soon as possible.

Reason 3: Now is an ideal time to scale up!

As of November 2022, homeowners now have record highs in their equity values. CoreLogic, have discovered that the average value of equity per mortgage holder, has grown to almost $300,000! This is a record high for the country.

What does this mean for you as a seller? The equity you have in your home, could now cover most, if not all the down payment on your dream home. Wintertime could be the time you get to upscale your life with a new and improved home!

As you weigh up your reasons for wanting to sell your NY home before the holidays, keep sight of why you want to move in the first place. You may want to move to a better location, or a bigger house, or to be closer to loved ones. You may simply want to find somewhere that feels more like home. As a trusted real estate advisor, at Team Rivera, we can balance your home goals with selling your property in the most beneficial way possible. We can advise you on how much home equity you have available and how you can use it to achieve your goals of moving in 2022.

Speak to Team Rivera today!

Our team have years of experience in the New York real estate market as well as the New York landscape. We have the skills to help you sell your NY home before the holidays! So, you can get settled quickly and start the new year in your new home.

Properties in New York are in incredibly high demand, but we know that we can find your dream home today! We strive to help you build memorable experiences and settle into homes that can last a lifetime. Speak with our first-rate team today!