Selling property market at its strongest

Selling Property Market

Selling your property couldn’t have come at a better time. House prices are on the rise and at an all-time high additionally, little to no houses are available for sale means more buyers are diverted to view your property as one of their choices. A low supply of houses is the result of a vicious circle. Sellers are holding off sales due to not being able to find the perfect home to move to themselves in addition, closing costs have also played a big part in deterring new sales.

The low supply of houses and high demand for buyers is making today one of the all-time strongest markets in terms of selling property. On average each property that goes up for sale is receiving more than the usual offers. With around 4.8 offers per sale giving the seller more choice and better value for money.

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Selling a property in the future?

If you are thinking of selling in the future, now would be the right time to do so. Low supply and high demand mean that sellers can now benefit from multiple offers, higher home values, and faster sale times, meaning you can locate to your new home in a shorter space of time. On average each house on the market is selling in just under 18 days. This also means if you are spending time researching the home of your choice and its local area you must be quick at doing so otherwise, you could end up losing the perfect home you longed for.

Team Rivera a real estate associate of Keller Williams are real estate experts that specialize in New York properties. Each member of Team Rivera are fully qualified estate professionals and will guide you through every process of your home sale. Having access to over 110,000 associates across the USA we are a strong competitor in terms of sales. We list all properties on top-name sites such as Zillow and Trulia to get you the most views and interests for your property. We also pride ourselves on cutting edge of technology whilst providing up to date relevant information focusing on you as an individual.

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